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Numerology is a very interesting topic and those who believe in it swear by it while those who don’t, think it’s hogwash. Whatever the case may be, numerology is gaining popularity and more and more people are turning to it.

So what is it anyway?

In simple words, it’s a study of numbers and the influence they exude on different spheres in your life. It’s said that your wealth, relationships, character and other aspects of your life are affected by numbers.

Just like astrology with its horoscopes, numerology needs to be studied too. Only by digging deeper into this topic and understanding the principles behind it will you truly grasp how numerology affects your life.

Some people may be skeptical but the truth of the matter is that numerology is an ‘old science’ that was slowly lost as we evolved and became modern. However, the theory is still sound and if you learn it, it will work for you.

There is one problem here though. Most people just don’t have the time to pore over old numerology books and figure out how it all works. It is time consuming and a wrong understanding will give you wrong results.

That is why these days people turn to numerology websites to get a report that accurately tells them what they need to know.

Out of all the numerology websites scattered across the World Wide Web, one has risen to the top and has become extremely popular. This site is run by Mike Madigan and it’s called

It provides several different types of numerology reports that are personalized. Some of the reports that you can find are:

  • Premium Numerology Report
  • Customized Personality Profile
  • Life & Success Snapshot
  • Romantic Compatibility Analysis
  • The Lo Shu Personality Exposer
  • The Rabbits Foot, Cricket, Horseshoe, 4 Leaf Clover, Pot of Gold, Good Luck Multiplier System
  • Complete One-Year Forecast
  • Mastering The Matrix
  • The Phone Phenomenon Report
  • And much more…

When it comes to detailed reports, is second to none. Its biggest strength is the sheer variety of reports it provides and the prices are very reasonable. This explains why it has so many buyers who are very pleased with their purchase.

Now let’s look at why is such a hit while other similar sites are floundering.


The Good Points:


  • As mentioned earlier, you’re spoiled for choice. The wide selection of reports gives you a lot of options that are more specific. Most numerology sites just lump it all together and give you a generalized report. gives you a detailed report only about the area in your life you’re concerned about.


If you want to know about your relationships and love life, the Romantic Compatibility Analysis report will tell you what you need to know. You won’t have to go through a bunch of fluff about your finances and wealth, etc.


  • The site offers you a chance to test their services. You get a free report so you can actually sample their service. This is excellent and shows that they truly believe in their service. This is not a hit and run operation.


After looking at the free report, you’ll most probably like what you see and go on to order their specialized reports. So, you can actually test the waters instead of diving in without knowing what’s in store.


  • To sweeten the pot, the service comes with a 60 day refund policy. They’re that confident in their service and any fence sitter will realize that this is a risk-free purchase. While there may be scam sites around, this is NOT one of them. If you’re not satisfied with the report, you can always get your money back.


  • com has very strong social proof. It’s been an online bestseller for a few years and has thousands of satisfied customers. It shows no sign of waning in popularity. That indicates it has repeat customers and the reports are so good that word of mouth has boosted their popularity.


  • If you have questions, doubts or problems that have been bothering you for a while and you’re unsure of what to do; you can always get a report. The advice in the report just may provide you the answers you need. This will give you peace and a sense of purpose to follow through with your goals.


  • The reports are easy to read. You will not find complex or flowery language that confuses you. It is very common to find reports from other sites that are so complicated that you’re worse off after getting their reports. understands that you need simple answers without unnecessary verbiage… and it gives you exactly that. You’ll get reports that are clear, concise and a pleasure to read.


The Bad Points:


  • It may be tough to overcome your disbelief that numerology actually works. Conquering this mental obstacle can be a challenge. Those who are more religious will find it harder to accept numerology… and quite frankly, this site is not for them. You’ll need to believe in the concepts of numerology and adhere to the advice given in the reports.


  • The site only provides reports. There are no videos to watch or even audios to hear. You’ll have no choice but to read them… but worry not. They’re simple to read and understand.


  • The reports are delivered digitally. You’ll need an internet connection to access them. Of course, you can print them later for convenience.



Should You Get It?

If you’re looking for numerology reports, it doesn’t get better than this. The variety and quality of reports is unmatched and the service is easy on your wallet. You really can’t ask for more.

Get a report for an area of your life where you need guidance. The accuracy of the reports will amaze you. Go on and try out their sample report. You have to try it to believe it and once you do, you won’t look back. Check it out today.


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